Hi, I'm Maressa!

Loving wife and mama to five sweet souls and too many pets to count. Our house is full of chaos, laughter, and messy hair. After having baby number five I started my photography journey, initially trying to capture all those fleeting moments. My addiction to babies is strong, so I dove in hard! That passion continued to grow and the more I experienced working with my tiny clients, the more my heart set on fire for this work.

Along the way, I discovered that I love taking images of natural, raw moments and capturing the emotions in the everyday. I want your story to be told, to be cherished, and to be remembered. I want you to have a collection of memories to keep forever. I believe the best way to do that is to capture honest and true connections. We all know that a smile brought out by genuine laughter or love is so much more beautiful! I strive for that beauty.

Photographer taking picture of herself in mirror kennewick, wa

My Favorites

01.  My morning cup of decaf coffee - I know, what is the point?! I love the taste of coffee, but caffeine and I don't mix.

02.  Playing board games with family and friends. It's quite an ego buster when your 7-year-old repeatedly beats you at Mancala.

03.  Being a sports mom. While it leaves me living out of my car most evenings, I love watching my littles work hard for something they love.

04.  Wrapping my arms around those I love in a big hug.

05.  Laughing until my belly hurts and tears run down my face. My family calls me the joke assassin because I butcher every joke I tell. I'm usually belly-laughing at myself, but who's counting?

Kind Words
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Maressa was amazing! It was so easy to be ourselves around her, she has great energy and is super nice! Her client closet was so convenient (didn’t have to purchase anything for my daughter or I!). The video that came with our package we purchased had many of our family members in happy tears! And me of course! Her style of editing and photography is beautiful, it captured our little family in such a natural way.

picture of pregnant belly laying down pasco, wa
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Image of photographers family kennewick wa

photo by Megan Bardell Photography

images of photographers children tri cities wa

photo by Megan Bardell Photography

Maressa with her family pasco wa

photo by Megan Bardell Photography